European Journal of Multilingualism and Translation Studies

The European Journal of Multilingualism and Translation Studies serves as a peer-reviewed academic publication that establishes a platform for the exchange of research findings and the propagation of insights within the realms of multilingualism and translation studies. Here are key points about this journal:

  • Research Papers: This journal provides a venue for the publication of original research papers that encompass a broad spectrum of topics within the domain of multilingualism and translation studies. These papers facilitate the presentation of fresh discoveries, theories, and advancements in research related to linguistic diversity and the art of translation.
  • Interdisciplinary Perspective: The journal actively fosters an interdisciplinary outlook, encouraging the fusion of knowledge from diverse interconnected disciplines. This approach seeks to comprehensively address the multifaceted challenges and dimensions encountered in the fields of multilingualism and translation.
  • Critical Analyses: In addition to research papers, the journal features critical evaluations of contemporary and pivotal issues within these domains. These analyses provide comprehensive and profound assessments of specific subjects, theories, and practices, delivering valuable insights for researchers and scholars in the sphere of multilingualism and translation studies.
  • Regional and Global Insight: The journal provides perspectives on multilingualism and translation matters, with a specific emphasis on European contexts, while concurrently exploring broader global concerns. This dual regional and global perspective is pivotal for understanding the intricate facets and dynamics of these fields.
  • Diverse Range of Linguistic Topics: The journal encompasses an extensive spectrum of subjects within multilingualism and translation studies. This includes translation theory, language diversity, cross-cultural translation, language policy, and various interconnected aspects of these domains.

Scholars, researchers, linguists, translation experts, and individuals deeply engaged with multilingualism and translation will find this journal to be an invaluable resource. It operates as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge, the fostering of scholarly dialogue, and the cultivation of collaboration among experts in the fields of multilingualism and translation studies. The European Journal of Multilingualism and Translation Studies is published online in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Printed copies of the journal are available on request. The manuscripts can be submitted by using the submission form or at, specifying the preferred journal.

Vol 3, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents


Hussein Abushaaban, Rashad Faleh Alhasan, Hani Qasem Asaad, Khatra Amar
Mai Thi Nhu Y, Thai Cong Dan
Bui Nhu Ngoc, Thai Cong Dan
Rashad Faleh Alhasan, Khatra Amar, Hussein Abushaaban
Maria João Pais do Amaral, Maria Teresa Martinez Garcia
Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh, Au Xuan Sam, Dang Thanh Hong, Lam Thi Thuy Tien, Le Ha Lan Phuong, Nguyen Thanh Hung, Ly Thi Tra My, Thai Cong Dan