European Journal of Fitness, Nutrition and Sport Medicine Studies

European Journal of Fitness, Nutrition and Sport Medicine Studies is a peer-reviewed online publication which aims to investigate human physical well-being and sport medicine related research areas. Its main scope is to gather together scientists, scholars and professionals from various research fields, including physical education, sport, physical activity and fitness, nutrition, sport training and coaching, psychology, sport medicine, etc.. in order to deliver support and opportunity for multidisciplinary discussions and widespread comprehension of how physical activity, nutrition and sport medicine may contribute to improving the quality of life and physical performances. Its main emphasis is on experimental and practical research concentrating on strategy, consequence and applicability of the conclusions. The journal considers both hypothetical and applied topics and publishes original articles, communications, intervention studies, study cases, books and book reviews, thesis, commentaries, short reports meant to bring a substantial contribution to the understanding of the mentioned disciplines. European Journal of Fitness, Nutrition and Sport Medicine Studies is published semestrial, online in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. Printed copies of the journal are available on request. The research papers can be submitted online at specifying the preferred journal.

Vol 2, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


Festus A. Adegoju, Joseph Kolawole Abon, Francis Olatomirin
Kristin Bowne, Joshua Prall, Michael Ross
Ozan Atalağ, Cem Kurt, Lincoln A. Gotshalk, Richard E. J. Shanklin, Jenna H. Aina, Ian McQuate