Dieni Laylatul Zakia, S. Sunardi, Sri Yamtinah


This study aims to: (1) describe the implementation of science teaching deaf children in class XI, and (2) describe and analyze the use of visual media in science teaching deaf children in class XI. This study used a qualitative descriptive method. Source of research data are teachers, students and principals. The technique of collecting data used was interviews, documentation and observation. SLB research sites in Sukoharjo district, which includes SLB ABCD YSD Polokarto, SLB Hamongputro Jombor B-C, B-C SLB YPALB Langenharjo and SLB ABC Tawangsari. The data were analyzed through data reduction, data display and draw conclusions. Conclusions are presented in the form of narrative text form field notes. The results showed that (1) the implementation of science teaching deaf children in class XI SLB Sukoharjo still using conventional methods with students to make a note of the material presented (2) the use of visual media in science teaching deaf children in class XI SLB Sukoharjo regency is still minimal because it only uses media images and text books provided in the school.


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visual media, learning IPA, deaf children


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