Muneer P., Sultana D.


Indeed yogic practice has been an integral part of mindfulness on human life which leads to control our physical, physiological and psychological well-being. Aim: The researcher wants to know the impact of six weeks yogic and aerobic exercise intervention on flexibility and blood pressure (systolic & diastolic). Samples of 30 college men (N=30; age 18 to 21 years) as per the college record at the time of data collection, all the samples from Gems arts college, Kerala. Procedure: Simple random sample method was used for this study, entire samples have been divided into three groups (n=10 samples each) and they were assigned into two treatment group (yogic exercises & aerobic practice groups) and one intervention restricted group. Duration of experimentation was up to 12 weeks, all the subject have been tested their flexibility and blood pressure from the initial and after the experimentation. The ANCOVA was used to find out the significant difference between and within the groups the level of Alpha were fixed 0.05 level. Result: the outcome exposes of the study has to bring the significant improvement on dependent variables due to the impact of a dependent variable. Conclusion: The both training programme (yogic & aerobic) bring slight changes in flexibility and blood pressure (systolic & diastolic) when compared to control group. Yogic practice group bring slight development in flexibility and blood pressure than the aerobic group, as per the collected data.


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Yogic practice, Hatha yoga, aerobic, systolic and diastolic pressure

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