Virgana Virgana, Merry Lapasau, Soeparlan Kasyadi


In the current pandemic period, some activities of the work program cannot be carried out properly, there are even some activities cannot be carried out. Special school institutions as a forum for education services for children with special needs, need to make changes and improve work programs. The institution work program needs to improve to achieve an institution's vision and mission. It is necessary to change the work program through a more focused program planning. This research aims to formulate a strategic plan contained in the work program of special schools. This study uses a qualitative method with SWOT analysis. This research essential the current condition of private special school X, namely by compiling strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. To obtain current condition information from the institution, involving school supervisors, principals, teachers, and school committees by teleconference. Before analysing the current condition data of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats conducted the validity and reliability test by using Smart-structural equation modelling. From the classification results, the institution's position quadrant will be identified to obtain the institution's strategic planning work program will be obtained from this quadrant. The research results state the institution's position was in the 3rd quadrant that means institutions must develop strategic planning institutions by minimizing weaknesses to reduce threats to the institution. Special school headmasters can arrange programs based on strategic planning with horizontal and vertical coordination to achieve their goals on time according to the work program plan.

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strategic planning, positioning, quadrant, performance, work program

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