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Physical culture and sport as a product of certain historical conditions for the development of society, it is the sum of the historical results of human spiritual activity. In this study, is presented one of the oldest Turkish peoples and the background of the traditional sports of the Kyrgyz with a long history. Steppe is compatible with nomadic lifestyle, national will and according to qualifications horse riding, were many sports, including shooting and wrestling. Purpose of the research: natural conditions that reveal traditional sports, the factors that determine the practical character of sports, what are the pedagogical and socio-cultural benefits of the Kyrgyz people? Method of research; it is possible to examine with a few methods, but it is preferred to use the historical method. The limitation of the study: present Kyrgyzstan and their historical geographies. As a result, Kyrgyz, which is understood to be both intellectual and moral as well as physical, has taken part in all stages of traditional sports, social structure and life. There have been some add-ons and outputs according to the changes and developments of the era. The economic life is based on animal husbandry and becoming nomadic people, they live in steep natural conditions and climatic conditions, very frequent battles in the old world, etc., it has determined the style and demand of these sports. In practice, the Kyrgyz population have overcome all these difficulties and became strong military people.

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Kyrgyz national games, historical background

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