Niño G. Acebo, Joel A. Alfarero


This study assessed the effectiveness of the four-week agility exercise program for emergency student-responders. It employed a quasi-experimental with a single group where pretest and posttest results are paired. Twenty-nine participated in the study grouped to 19 male and 10 female student-responders. Hexagon agility test was used to assess the agility level of the research participants before (pretest) and after (posttest) participating in the exercise program. The student-participants underwent a 4-week agility exercise program to develop their agility using plyometric exercises. Findings revealed a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test agility levels among the research participants. These findings led to the conclusion that the agility exercise program improved the agility level of emergency student-responders and is recommended for the implementation for all members’ emergency responding team and to the students in general.


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agility, hexagon agility test, exercise program, emergency student-responders, t-test of correlated samples

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