Shabana Khan, Nezar Al Torairi, Sharick Shamsi


Objectives: Comparative Study of Snags and Maitland’s Mobilization in Chronic Low Back Pain. Design: Randomized Control Trial. Methodology: A total of 60 patients were included as per pre define inclusion and exclusion criteria and randomly assigned into two groups each having 30 patients. Group A was given SNAG consisted of stretching strengthening and postural correction exercises while Group B was given Maitland’s mobilization consisted of stretching strengthening and postural correction exercises for 4 weeks, 3 sessions per week one session per day. The patient’s outcome measures were assessed by visual analog scale, ODI and Goniometry of Lumbar Range of Motion. Measurements were recorded before and after the end of the treatment period. Results: Results revealed that means and S.D of both group were significant (p=.000 ) statically but clinically the Group of patients treated with SNAGS along with stretching strengthening and postural correction exercises managed pain (pre=7.81±1.16, post=0.35±0.37), ODI(pre= 40±19.18 ,post= 9±4.39)and range of motion (flexion pre=30±6.05,post=51±10.15,extension pre=16±2.33,post=30±5.21 Rt side flexion pre=10±2.15,post=20±4.15 and lt. side flexion pre=10±2.75, post=20±4.53, Rt side rotation pre= 9±1.57,post=18±2.35) lt. side rotation pre=8±2.09,post=17±2.45 better than group of patient treated with Maitland’s mobilization along with stretching strengthening and postural correction exercises in terms of pain (pre=6.27±1.31, post=2.73±1.19), ODI (pre=42±20.52, post=24±11.7) and range of motion (flexion pre=24±5.85, post=36±10.66, extension pre=14±2.35, post=20±5.42, Rt side flexion pre=10±2.45 post=16±2.48, lt Side flexion pre=12±2.85, post=18±2.46, Rt side rotation pre=9±1.80 post=15.±2.81, lt Side rotation pre=8±1.75, post=16±3.27. Conclusion: The result of study suggests that both SNAG and Maitland’s improves the symptoms of chronic low back pain. Better improvement was shown by SNAG group than Maitland’s group. Based on these results SNAG and Exercise should be the treatment of choice for chronic Low back pain rather than Maitland’s with Exercise.


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SNAGS, chronic low back pain, Maitland’s, exercise

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