European Journal of Governance and Public Administration Studies

The European Journal of Governance and Public Administration Studies (EJGAPAS) is dedicated to advancing scholarly knowledge in the field of governance and public administration. We publish research that explores various facets of governance and public administration through a rigorous peer-review process. EJGAPAS values inclusivity, practicality, and active engagement among scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts involved in the study of these dynamic fields. Our journal welcomes research that delves into a wide range of topics related to governance and public administration. We encourage articles addressing current issues and challenges in these areas, including topics like policy analysis, public sector management, and government efficiency. EJGAPAS provides a platform for studies on the historical and cultural dimensions of governance and public administration, examining their significance and evolving patterns. Additionally, we support articles that foster dialogue and understanding among stakeholders in the public sector, from policymakers to administrators. Theoretical analyses that explore the core concepts and practices within governance and public administration are also welcome in EJGAPAS. Special emphasis is placed on research related to the dynamic nature of these fields, considering their social, economic, and political dimensions. The European Journal of Governance and Public Administration Studies aims to engage a diverse audience, including specialists, practitioners, and students interested in the field of governance and public administration. We also welcome articles of regional significance, particularly those offering insights and lessons that can be applied to different governance and public administration contexts worldwide. Whether your research focuses on public policy, government leadership, public sector innovation, or any other related discipline, EJGAPAS provides a platform for sharing valuable insights, fostering academic exchange, and facilitating a deeper understanding of governance and public administration on a global scale.

The European Journal of Governance and Public Administration Studies is published online in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Research works accepted: articles (descriptive or analytic), communications, intervention studies, case studies, technical notes, methods researches, book reviews, commentaries, essays, short reports, etc. Printed copies of the journal are available on request.

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Covered Research Areas

This list reflects the multidisciplinary nature of Governance and Public Administration Studies, encompassing various aspects of governance, public policy, and public management:

Public Policy Analysis: Public policy analysis involves comprehensive research into the development, implementation, and assessment of public policies. Scholars in this field examine the entire policy process, from its initial formulation to its execution and subsequent evaluation. This research aims to understand how policies are crafted, how they impact society, and how they can be improved.

Governance Structures: Governance structures refer to the various forms of government organization and their effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. Researchers in this area explore the design and functionality of governmental systems, including federal, state, local, and international governance models. They assess how these structures influence decision-making, public service delivery, and accountability.

Public Management: Public management focuses on the analysis of management practices within the public sector. This includes examining organizational behavior, leadership styles, and strategies for effective governance. Researchers in this field aim to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability of public organizations.

Political Institutions: Political institutions encompass the formal structures of government, including legislatures, executives (such as presidents or prime ministers), and judiciaries. Researchers study these institutions and their roles in the policymaking process, governance, and the distribution of power. Electoral systems, which determine how representatives are chosen, are also a part of this field of study.

Public Administration Ethics: Public administration ethics explores the ethical considerations and dilemmas encountered by public servants and policymakers. This research delves into questions of transparency, integrity, accountability, and the moral principles guiding public administration decisions. It seeks to establish guidelines for ethical conduct in the public sector.

E-Government: E-Government research investigates the utilization of digital technologies and online platforms in government operations and public service delivery. Scholars examine how technology can enhance government efficiency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. This field explores the design and implementation of digital solutions for various aspects of governance.

Public Financial Management: Public financial management involves the analysis of budgeting, financial planning, and fiscal policies in the public sector. Researchers in this area study how governments allocate resources, manage revenue and expenditures, and maintain financial sustainability. Their work informs policymaking and fiscal responsibility.

Public Policy Evaluation: Public policy evaluation focuses on the methods and tools used to assess the impact and effectiveness of public policies. Researchers design evaluation frameworks, gather data, and analyze outcomes to determine whether policies achieve their intended goals.

Local and Regional Governance: Local and Regional Governance involves the study of governance at the municipal and regional levels. Researchers in this field examine urban planning, local government practices, and regional development strategies. They assess how local governments make decisions, deliver services, and engage with their communities.

Public-Private Partnerships: Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) refer to collaborations between the public and private sectors in the provision of public services and infrastructure development. Scholars in this area investigate the design, implementation, and outcomes of PPPs. They assess how these partnerships can leverage resources, improve service delivery, and address complex challenges.

Policy Implementation: Policy implementation involves the analysis of the challenges and processes associated with translating policy into concrete actions and outcomes. It examines how government agencies and organizations put policy decisions into practice, addressing issues such as resource allocation, coordination, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring. Researchers in this field study the gap between policy intentions and actual results and seek to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation efforts.

Public Sector Innovation: Public sector innovation explores innovative practices and approaches within public administration. It encompasses the development and adoption of new strategies, technologies, and management techniques to improve the delivery of public services, enhance government efficiency, and foster creativity and adaptability within government agencies. Researchers in this area investigate how innovation can drive positive change and solve complex societal challenges.

Human Resource Management in Public Administration: This area of study focuses on the management of human resources within government agencies. It involves the examination of HR practices, including recruitment, training, performance evaluation, and workforce development. Researchers aim to understand how effective HR strategies can contribute to the success of public organizations, promote employee satisfaction, and ensure the public sector has a skilled and motivated workforce.

Government Transparency and Accountability: Research in government transparency and accountability centers on the mechanisms and practices that enhance openness and reduce corruption within government institutions. It includes the study of transparency initiatives, anti-corruption efforts, whistleblower protection, and the role of civil society in holding public officials accountable. Scholars in this field strive to strengthen governance by promoting ethical conduct, integrity, and responsiveness in government.

Crisis Management and Emergency Response: This field involves the analysis of how government agencies respond to crises, disasters, and emergencies. It examines the planning, coordination, communication, and resource allocation necessary to address urgent and unexpected events. Researchers aim to improve crisis management strategies, assess the effectiveness of emergency response plans, and enhance public safety and resilience.

Environmental Governance: Environmental governance focuses on policies, regulations, and practices related to environmental protection and sustainability. It encompasses efforts to address environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution, and resource management. Researchers in this area study the development and implementation of environmental policies, the role of government agencies, and the engagement of stakeholders in conservation and sustainable development.

Social Policy and Welfare: This field involves the study of policies designed to address social issues, poverty, healthcare, and social services. It examines the impact of social programs on individuals and communities, as well as the design and effectiveness of welfare systems. Researchers aim to shape policies that enhance the well-being of vulnerable populations and promote social equity.

Ethnic and Minority Affairs: Research on ethnic and minority affairs focuses on policies and initiatives aimed at addressing the needs and rights of ethnic and minority populations. It explores issues such as cultural diversity, discrimination, and inclusion. Scholars in this field examine the development of policies that promote equality and diversity, as well as strategies for improving the representation and participation of minority groups in governance.

Gender and Governance: Analysis of gender-sensitive governance practices and policies examines how gender considerations are integrated into government decision-making, policy development, and service delivery. It explores gender disparities, women's empowerment, and strategies for promoting gender equity in political and administrative processes.

International Governance and Diplomacy: The study of international governance and diplomacy explores global governance structures, international relations, and diplomatic negotiations. It encompasses the examination of international organizations, treaties, foreign policy, and diplomatic strategies employed by governments to address global challenges and promote cooperation among nations. Researchers in this field analyze the dynamics of international diplomacy and the role of states in shaping global governance systems.

Public Health Policy: Public Health Policy involves the comprehensive examination and development of policies related to healthcare, disease prevention, and the overall public health system. Researchers in this field analyze and evaluate strategies aimed at improving access to healthcare services, controlling the spread of diseases, ensuring healthcare equity, and enhancing the overall health and well-being of a population. They investigate the design, implementation, and impact of policies on healthcare systems, including issues such as healthcare financing, healthcare delivery, and healthcare infrastructure.

Immigration and Migration Policies: Immigration and Migration Policies encompass the multidisciplinary study of government policies and regulations related to immigration, border control, and the management of migration flows. Researchers in this field examine the legal, social, economic, and political aspects of immigration, including the impact of immigration on host countries and migrants themselves. They explore issues such as border security, visa regulations, refugee and asylum policies, and the integration of immigrants into host societies.

Public Opinion and Governance: Public Opinion and Governance involve the analysis of public attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions regarding government and governance processes. Researchers in this area study how public opinion influences political decision-making, government policies, and public service delivery. They also investigate factors that shape public opinion, such as media, political communication, and social dynamics. Understanding public opinion is crucial for policymakers and elected officials to make informed decisions that align with the preferences and expectations of their constituents.

Governance and Technology: Governance and Technology is a field of research that explores the integration and impact of technology in government operations and service delivery. It encompasses the study of digital government (e-government), information and communication technology (ICT) policies, and the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in public administration. Researchers examine how technology can enhance government efficiency, transparency, accessibility, and citizen engagement while addressing challenges related to cybersecurity, privacy, and digital divides.

Political Leadership and Governance: Political Leadership and Governance involve the examination of leadership styles, decision-making processes, and governance outcomes within political systems. Researchers in this field analyze the behavior and strategies of political leaders, such as presidents, prime ministers, and other elected officials. They study leadership dynamics, the role of leadership in shaping public policies, and the impact of leadership on governance effectiveness and stability.

Civic Engagement and Participation: Civic Engagement and Participation research focuses on the active involvement of citizens in political processes, activism, and participatory governance. Scholars in this area investigate the factors that influence civic engagement, such as civic education, social movements, and community organizations. They also explore the impact of citizen participation on policy formulation, implementation, and accountability in democratic societies.

Comparative Governance: Comparative Governance involves the comparative analysis of governance models, practices, and reforms across different countries and regions. Researchers in this field aim to identify similarities and differences in governance systems, political institutions, and policy outcomes. They often use comparative methods to assess the effectiveness of governance reforms and to draw lessons from international experiences to inform policymaking.

Security and Defense Policies: Security and Defense Policies encompass the study of government policies and strategies related to national security, defense, and military operations. Researchers in this field analyze the formulation and implementation of defense policies, military budgets, and security measures to protect a nation's sovereignty and interests. They also explore issues like arms control, cybersecurity, counterterrorism, and the role of defense agencies in ensuring national security.

Global Development and Governance: Global Development and Governance focus on the study of international development policies and their governance implications. Scholars in this area examine global development challenges, international aid, development assistance programs, and the role of international organizations in promoting sustainable development goals. They assess how global governance structures influence development policies and cooperation among nations.

Governance and Sustainable Development: Governance and Sustainable Development research center on governance approaches and practices that promote sustainability and the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Researchers explore how governments, international organizations, and civil society collaborate to address environmental challenges, poverty reduction, economic growth, and social equity while safeguarding natural resources and ecosystems.



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